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Ketuba In The Shadow Of The Holocaust

Welcome to the world of “Ketuba in the Shadow of the Holocaust”, the story of an American Jew’s quest for identity in the shadow of the holocaust, the mass immigration from the pale of settlement, and the redemption of Israel, his search for Jewish identity and generational continuity by understanding his future through the context of his past.

Penned by Dr. David P Kalin, this story unfolds a life, innocent and true, as a third-generation American Jew, raised within the Reform Movement, seeking to survive and achieve American and Jewish dreams to bridge the cultural imperative and secular American life with traditional Jewish values, beliefs, and behaviors.

This is a story of educational success limited by a modern-day Jewish prophet indicating inconsistencies within the goal for Jewish identity and American medical professionalism, a story of the projection of the post-World War II generation of parents who believed with education the opportunity of fulfillment of the American dream was without restriction, a story of marriage to a convert with linkage of traditions of Jewish past and a yearning for Jewish understanding manifested by the other movements within the Jewish community, driven by the need to be recognized within the totality of the Jewish people. 

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About The Book

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“Ketuba in the Shadow of the Holocaust” narrates the story of an American Jew’s quest for identity and survival amid the challenges. The book keenly examines the complications of the cultural identity crises and the lasting legacy of the holocaust. Dr. David P Kalin invites the readers to witness the union of traditions and modernity as well as the influence of cultural heritages in shaping individual identities.